First Lady of Haiti Martine Moise Roasted by Internet Trolls.

President Jovenel Moise was inaugurated in Haiti on Tuesday, February 7, 2017 making him the 58th President of the first black republic nation in the world and during the swear in ceremony, the new Haitian President addressed a lot of issues the country was facing from the long delay of transfer of power which hindered the country’s progress, the work that still needs to be done and what he planned on doing about them. He stated a couple of his main concerns and focuses being; developing agriculture and putting the youth to work  however it wasn’t what he had to say that went viral rather the dress his wife, the first lady, Martine Moise was wearing.


It’s customary in many nations for a stylist to be appointed to dress the President and the first lady of a nation for photoshoots especially for historic moments such as their inaugurations. The now first lady who is unarguably a beautiful woman in her own right; has been getting roasted by internet trolls for her choice of garments lately and the burn was most felt during the inauguration this past week. She hired stylist, Charlotte Tanis to take on the task of dressing her for this historic moment. Dressed in a red double button down dress with a blue and red belt, and black shoes, she took the first steps to her new life. Just like that she broke the Haitian internet when the trolls decided to shift the focus on her attire rather the many issues the new president may or may not have addressed concerning them.

Exhibit A

It might have been a good thing for the new President and here’s why; In the past Haitian Presidents has had issue when it came to gaining the people’s trust and they’ve never been afraid to voice their disapproval’s. This time around the main focus was solely on the way his wife was dressed, he might actually have a fair and clean slate. There’s no way to sugarcoat it… The dress was of poor taste. Not only it didn’t compliment her figure the fabric and design were hideous. Her stylist who was interviewed by Haiti’s top newspaper, Le Nouvelliste, stated the first lady specifically said she wanted a dress to symbolize victory after a long transfer of power and that’s the best she could have done and went as far as to say she’s not a seamstress. Ms. Tanis we’ve since learned went to school in Europe for Fashion Design and I’m not sure if that influenced her hiring but regardless, she was qualified to do the job.


The Victim

Now I’m no fashion expert but even i know that a stylist should at least know the subject’s figure type, occasion and to make the attire age appropriate. In this case the ball was completely dropped in every aspect. First Lady Martine Moise whose figure like many women after having 2 kids (a badge of honor) may not be that of a young woman who never experienced childbirth. And taking hereditary into consideration as well it’s natural for her to have a little muffin top. That should have been taken into consideration first and foremost. Here are a few dresses I’ve researched that would have been more appropriate. With a girdle, she could have pulled any one of them off.



One rule in fashion; a belt is only necessary if there’s belt hooks. That belt has no place on that dress. And for those that kept emphasizing, Queen Elisabeth wore the same dress, Queen Elisabeth wore a coat and even when she and Princess wore a dress similar it didn’t have that hideous belt and both dresses were age appropriate and why the reference anyway?


In retrospect, most first ladies do channel other first ladies’ attires but one must be blind to find first lady, Martine Moise’s inauguration dress appropriate. Now can we get back to the real issues at hand like, why foreigners are given jobs that the Haitian citizens are qualified to do, what happened to all the money that was donated to Haiti, why the newly built hotels in Haiti barely hire real Haitian citizens, why after 7 years the white house still looks like a tent city, why is the president making decisions as far as where carnival is supposed to be held… too soon? Ok fine!


I too can actually relate to the wrath that Martine Moise is facing and at no point am i comparing myself to the first lady however i can see how people judge you based on appearance and not your merit. My main concern is people look at you based on appearance not merit in this world especially in our culture. Some of us just have to accept the fact that we have to keep working harder and part of that, being the president and first lady you will be in the presence of a lot of people for the next 5 years that will be judging you on every aspect and your job is to do your job and look presentable at all time while doing your job.


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