Learn About Haiti’s 58th President and His Vision

Jovenel Moïse was born on 26 June 1968 in the Trou du Nord (North-East department) to a modest family. It is from his father, Etienne Moses, a mechanic and farmer, that he inherited his love of the earth. His mother, Lucia Bruno, now deceased a seamstress, taught him, in addition to civic and moral values, the sense of responsibility from childhood. His parents, despite their limited education, were able to transmit strict principles and rigorous discipline on to him. These strong values ​​combined with his innate abilities have allowed Jovenel Moïse, the “native-natal”, to always stand out and make him a successful agro-entrepreneur and an undeniable model for our society.

Emigrated with his family to Port-au-Prince in July 1974, he continued his primary studies at the National School Don Durelin, and continued his secondary studies at Lycée Toussaint Louverture first; Then at the Cultural Center of Canado Haitian College.

Later he attended the Faculty of Education of Quisqueya University. Despite his future as an educator already traced, he changed direction to embark on entrepreneurship. In 1996, he married his classmate Martine Marie Etienne Joseph. In the same year, this enterprising young man, mature and full of enthusiasm, left the capital and settled in Port-de-Paix with the ardent dream of developing the hinterland, a dream that will never leave him.

With very little investment capital, he created his first company in Port-de-Paix, JOMAR Auto Parts, still operational today. It is from this small company, created with his wife, that all the projects of the Moses couple begin to take shape. The same year, his love of the land directs his efforts towards the implementation of an agricultural project. This time, Jovenel set up a banana plantation spread over 10 hectares in the Department of the North-West.

Soon after, his wife is expecting a girl, and the future father, realizes that access to drinking water is a major issue in the hinterland, and is embarking on an innovative project. With his experience and decided to bring a solution, he is partnering with the Culligan company in Port-au-Prince. In 2001, Jovenel combined loans from financial institutions and individuals with difficulty, and began a water plant that will distribute potable water in the Northwest and Northeast regions.

Based on his success in business and his desire to support community development, Jovenel became a member of the Northwest Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCB) in 2004. He is also known for his leadership Natural and in a very short time, he is elected president of CCNTA. Indeed, his ability to build a group synergy towards the achievement of a common goal, gained him to become general secretary of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Haiti (CCIH). As a dynamic leader, he plays a leading role in the integration of regional chambers of commerce in order to ensure their full and fair representation within the Chamber of Commerce.

An insightful entrepreneur, Moses knows how to identify problems and turn them into opportunities for the benefit of all. Interested in regional electrification, in 2008 he trained another company, Compagnie Haïtienne d’Energie S.A. (COMPHENER S.A.), this time with partners. Through this project, they want to bring solar and wind energy to the 10 communes of the department of the North-West.

He founded AGRITRANS S.A. in 2012, bringing the agricultural project NOURRIBIO, to the Trou du Nord, to become the first Haitian Free Agricultural Zone. With this project Jovenel Moïse was able to “transform a abandoned site into an integrated sustainable development project that will serve as a model for the development of the agricultural sector in Haiti”. This is only the beginning of the dream of Jovenel, proclaimed “nèg banann nan” (the man of the banana) which is to remake of Haiti an “essentially agricultural” country.

The NOURRIBIO project has already led to the emergence of more than a dozen agricultural projects which have created close to 3,000 direct jobs and 10,000 indirect jobs. This project is the most innovative in Haiti and the largest that the Caribbean has known to date. For Moses, it is important that Haiti regain its place on the world map of the exporting countries.

This leader has the art of giving meaning and mobilizing the crowds. Persistent and resourceful, Jovenel is an example not only in his words, but especially in his actions which produce a much stronger effect than what he says. Jovenel Moïse has a proven experience in shaping consensus and collaboration between groups of people with different interests. Thanks to his charism, he has the art of communicating an inspiring vision for all.




To be a candidate for the Presidency, to become President of the Republic, means, from the outset, that I see HAITI, the Haitian people, that is, all its citizens, both inside the country Than elsewhere abroad, that I must strive to unite in one and the same national project, beyond political and ideological divisions. I promise and I must work tirelessly with everybody, to develop and strengthen the sense of belonging to our country, the basis of an enlightened, conscious patriotism, the sole guarantor of our sovereignty, our independence. President of the Republic, I will be the main bearer of our Haitian pride.

On the surface of the planet, the battle is rough between democracy and authoritarianism. Authoritarianism, in all its forms, had its hours of glory in our country. Like many of my compatriots, I opted for the democratization of our country, which is a process whose length depends on the realization of a number of conditions: our dear compatriots trained and informed, the rule of law , Periodic elections carried out correctly, and the existence of structured political parties throughout the country. I invite all my fellow citizens, organized, to work for a good understanding of the requirements of such an undertaking and to rise to the challenge it represents, not for a particular party, but for all of us as The community.

President, I will be happy to contemplate the active, dynamic unity of the Haitian people whose organized citizens, within the framework of total responsible freedom, are engaged in a healthy competition to bring him even more happiness. I believe strongly in the freedom of enterprise, creating jobs and wealth that our country urgently needs. Together, we will have to show intelligence, lucidity and courage to help our compatriots openly to set up businesses to encourage and facilitate foreign investment. We will have to gradually increase our productive capacity, increase per capita income and above all ensure that our workers and workers stay at home and benefit from the spin-offs of economic activity.

I would like everyone, including our compatriots, to stop repeating that Haiti is the poorest country … because the basic needs of the population are not being met. Efforts already made must continue; But we must return to the basics: the identification of Haitians, basic schooling, health care will be the object of my highest attention. There is no curse! Neither fate! I call on all my compatriots, including my competitors, to think of a serious and serious dialogue on the best and fastest and most effective means of eradicating a number of acute and chronic social problems whose permanence is a threat to our Survival of the people, an impassable obstacle to our unity of people!

President of the Republic, I will be the engine of good governance for our country. A governance in the dimension of the secular problems and the urgent needs of our country, our people, our fellow citizens. A governance that will take our history into account in its relations with certain countries and international organizations, our economic and social structure and our environment which continues to constitute a major challenge for all Haitians! A governance that, in compliance with the constitution and the laws, ensures the smooth running of the institutions and especially the public administration which must continue to give body and life to the 5 E of President Martelly! Governance that should encourage organized groups in our society to participate in major debates about the direction and future of our country.

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Learn About Haiti’s 58th President and His Vision

Jovenel Moïse was born on 26 June 1968 in the...