Shabba, Rapper, Singer, Drummer and Producer!!!

The relevance of an artist is based on his or her accomplishments, contributions, and attributes to the Art that he or she is dedicated to embellish and promote. The pleasure is all mine to greet the artist as we come to know him as Hervé Anténor (Shabba) of Djakout #1.


Hervé Anténor was born in “La Plaine du Nord” near Cap Haitian. He came to Port-Au-Prince when he was two years old. As a child, he grew up listening to legendary bands like Septentrional, Tropicana, Skahshah, System band, Tabou Combo etc.. And that’s how the music filtered through him and became himself a superstar in his own right. His career began when he joined unknown groups like Kanel and Zoro while attending School in 1999. That same year, Djakout asked Mr. Anténor to join them and the rest is history. The nickname Shabba is an homage to the international Jamaican reggae dancehall artist Shabba.


Hervé Anténor is young, ambitious and responsible. Besides music, he is also a family man. Shabba and Djakout with the help of our own Wyclef made an international appearance on MTV in 2007. Then he released his first solo debut album in 2007: “PiPiti Pi Red” and the second one in 2013 “Pi Piti Still Pi Red”. Shabba prefers to sing than rapping. Although, he is an epic dancehall rapper, drummer, producer, and singer and due to his talent and his contribution to the industry, he is well sought out by popular demand to be on everyone album.


His CD debut was awarded by kompaMagazine album of the year in 2007, titled: “Pi Piti Pi Red” with the collaboration of many young guns like himself: Michel Guirand of Carimi, J. Perry, Princess Lover, J-Zo of Barikad, Arly Lariviere of NuLook, Michael benjamin as Mikaben. Later on, in 20213, Roberto Martino of Tvice appeared on the 2013 CD “Pi Piti still Pi Red”. Roberto and Shabba are well known like their predecessors Webert Sicot & Nemours Jean-Baptiste for their annual rendezvous of their competition for best Merengue in Port-Au-Prince and other regions of Haiti. Note that Shabba just released a new song as a quest for unity and a new video with his fellow Djakout brothers entitled: “Antann Nou”. (Watch it on YouTube).


Shabba as a producer who also worked with other musicians has earned their respect notably: Dener Ceide, Sanders of Harmonik, Ti Harold and none other than the revolutionary keyboardist Nickenson Prudhomme. Sometimes, his enthusiasm and brashness may insinuate arrogance and that’s a myth of none existence. Shabba is very extroverted for sure but he is also polite. He is often portrayed as the loud mouth of Djakout but that’s his way to protrude his point across. The ability for this young man to emerge in the shadow of so many other greats in the industry is in itself an epiphany.


My amazement is that he is still true to himself by not abandoning his bread and butter that is Djakout # 1 while others in his magnitude would embark on a solo career just because they can, that in itself is truly commendable.


Shabba has yet to be defined and refined because the talent is still tethered to a certain extent. When all said and done, Shabba will be one day among other great musicians that Konpa Direk has ever produced.

Thanks Shabba for your continued effort to evolve our Compas Direct and good luck to you and Djakout #1.

Written by Jason Accime, Shah.

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