CaRiMi Continues its NASTY BIZNIS!

It’s been almost a year now we’ve been playing limbo with CaRiMi and its indecisive members. The game started with Mickael who couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be with the band or not and after a couple of temper tantrums, he finally called it quits. However, that was Mickael, the lead singer… The band on the other hand is not quite ready to call it quits. We’ve learned from some very reliable sources that the rest of the band members are not ready to put the final nail on the band’s coffin. They’ve even went “New band members shopping”… for those that don’t understand the lingo… they went shopping for opportunist.

We’ve even placed a call to Richard Cave and addressed the issue to him and he dismissed us and even said we were gossiping. We haven’t told a lie since 2003 and we were established in 2004. 😉 Since we’re just gossiping… TiKlod Xtassy… (wink) Glenny 80% not coming back…  Richard, brush up on those cords… I mean vocals. (wink wink)



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  1. Pa okipe yo Mickael gurand konnen byen dpil two gwo gigit Li ap vin piti c pou al met bout leg pou madanm Li sispann koupe ak Carlos pou gwoup la rive kotel dwe rive a ohoh ki lobey sa lolllllll

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