Video Review: diSip… Heartbreak and Misery!

Let me say this before I continue: I’m a huge fan of Gasman. I think he defines Compas Direct or what its supposed to sound like. His voice and stage presence is that of a true artist. With that being said; I’ve reviewed diSips’ previous two albums however I didn’t review this one since “Shah” did such a great job with his review I felt there was nothing left for me to add. I’ve decided to review the video of the song titled “Heartbreak & Misery from the band’s latest album “Klere Yo” instead.


In all honesty, when I first heard this song, I thought the lyrics were a tad bit creepy and borderline stalker behaviorism however as I listened further, it started to grow on me rapidly and today, I can’t get it out of my head. Now you can imagine, like many others, how excited I was when I got home from work to get a message from diSip’s manager about the revealing of the video to the song. Before I sat down to watch it in its entirety, I made sure I was really comfortable with no distractions since I had planned on reviewing it for the website. I wanted to understand every scene and see how they brought to life all of the metaphors used in the song’s lyrics.


The song “Heartbreak and Misery” is of course a love story about a man supposedly expressing his pain, and regrets after breaking up with his significant other, whom he thought was going to come crawling back to him, saying all she found out there was “Heartbreak and Misery” which wasn’t the case. Full of frustration… his frustration soon turned into jealous and envy.


The video’s first of three scenes is set in a humble log cabin somewhere in the wild. The level of my excitement went up from the point Gasman entered the all-terrain looking pick-up truck and touched the gear shiftier. Normally, you’d expect a Mercedes in a Haitian video no matter the location or setting. (Don’t lie you know there are some crazy Haitian music videos out there like that) This scene alone told me this video was really thought out.


I liked the first scene a lot to say the least and I’m sure unlike Gasman; the guys appreciate how the rain was caressing her because it would be ungrateful of them to be jealous.
To compliment the rest of that scene; they threw in there some exotic animals… a really nice touch (especially the GIRAFFES 😉 Although this scene was a little reminiscent of a video I’ve seen before by the same director but I digress.


I wasn’t as excited about the second scene as I was with the first one because I’m so tired of seeing bedroom scenes taking place in hotel rooms. If you’re going to do it in a hotel room at least personalize it to fool me. This scene really left me with many questions causing me to lose focus and I started focusing on other things like… how old is this girl? Is she even Haitian?  Does she look like the women attending his parties? How is Gasman crying two tears out of one eye? OK the cabin scenes are back and all is well again with the video. The ending was really cute how he transitioned right into another song from the album which I’m guessing will be the continuation; hopefully he’ll go through with it because there are a lot of cliff hangers still out there with no follow-up.


RATING TIME: Out of a possible 10 a 8… that cabin scene though. (my weakness)

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