A La Carte Food & Culture Festival a Hit.

A La Carte Food & Culture Festival took place at the  historic Town Hall located in the Flushing section of the borough of Queens, this past Sunday, July 31st. This very tasty and well organized event is a product of the New York Haitian Promoters Coalition (HYHPC) 

Hosted by comedian, Kako and Ingrid Nathan, A La Carte Food & Culture Festival was advertised as an event that exists to showcase, promote, celebrate, and educate the community and visitors about Caribbean and African food & culture via a festival that everyone of all ages can enjoy. The festival certainly held up to its end of the deal. Although the rain poured periodically throughout the morning and early afternoon with no end in sight; the event still managed to have a very respectable turnout. Upon entering the hall, the check-in was a breeze followed by the wonderful aroma of all of the wonderful looking dishes provided by over 15 food vendors selling food from different islands.


With the exception of Chef Ron Dupret who wasn’t in attendance for the panel segment as advertised but still everything went smoothly in his absence.


Chef Pierre Thiam from Senegal and Alain Lemaire from Florida were there and participated on the panel alongside New York City’s very own; Chef and Author Nadege Flurimond. (See Video Above) They answered a few questions from host Ingrid Nathan.


Some of the stuff that were on display and available for purchase a side from the hot foods: Cremas, Pikliz, Confiture, Dous, Tablet, jewelry, perfumes, and more. We sampled a few dishes and bought a few products as well to take home. I must highlight the fact that i was very satisfied with my purchases. Even the free Gift bags had some great items. Congratulations to the organizers!


FOOT NOTE: According to the organizers; this is an on going event so if you missed it this year, make sure you don’t next year and bring the whole family.

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