CaRiMi: The End of a Great Era… Fans React.

One morning back in December, nearly a month after celebrating their 14th year anniversary; we all woke up to the breaking news that Mikael Guirand of the band CaRiMi had announced his resignation via text message to and a lot of speculations were made as to what might have led to him making such a rash decision. The way the message came out seems as if he rushed to get it out before anyone could convince him to change his mind.


Once the statement came out the band’s manager, Fritz Hyacinthe best known as Fito Farinen went into damage control by putting a statement out that CaRiMi would continue and immediately commissioned MikaBen to cover for Mikael but not before the rumors and innuendos started to hit the streets.


MikaBen seemed to really fit in the band and suddenly, a couple of weeks later, a statement was released with a photo of the band announcing Mikael was back and MikaBen would remain for as long as he wanted to. Some people started insinuated that Mikael quick return had a lot to do with MikaBen’s growing popularity in the band as if Mikael wasn’t missed however that couldn’t be the case since MikaBen; based on a contract he has in Haiti, wouldn’t be able to tour with CaRiMi and even during his short time with CaRiMi he still managed to miss a gig.



Noticed how Mikael was strategically place next to Carlo? And he even hashtag it CARIMI4LIFE.

Mikael’s sudden departure wasn’t really so sudden its been brewing for a long time but the public was oblivious to it because the band’s manager Fito always managed the crisis quite well. No one could firmly pinpoint the actual reason behind the departure leaving a lot of speculations. As the months went by and with further observing the band; started to get a little insight to what might have led to his departure and we knew it was just a matter of weeks or months before this reoccurs.


It’s no secret Carlo and Mikael haven’t gotten along for a decade now but with mediators; Fito and Richard, the business still managed to work. Some people assumed the riff between the two was because Carlo was having a sexual relationship with Mikael’s wife which is false. Another scenario was that someone was cheating money wise. While we’ve heard from some reliable sources that there have been times when there were trust issues but for the most parts; their business deals were transparent.


All four owners of CaRiMi have college education and degrees in some type of field however not all of them actually practice or exercise their degree meaning; there may not have enough experience to actually go back in their field with every industry changing so rapidly these days.


Carlo Vieux has a master’s degree and his wife is a lawyer and while he was in the band he managed to make some investments.

Richard Cavé while he doesn’t have a master’s degree he does have a bachelor’s degree and like Carlo his wife too is a lawyer and he has investments.

Mikael Guirand on the other hand we’re not sure about his financial situation and we even wonder if that might have been the reason he no longer wanted to be there anymore. We know in recent years he hasn’t been happy and we can sympathize with him but like Martin Luther King Jr said;


“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”


Fito must be having the worst week ever having to reassure promoters that they will get their deposits back and some of it might have already been spent since they were in the process of finishing their new album. That is one relationship Mikael will never be able to repair.


So far aside from a statement released by the band’s manager and an interview Carlo gave to, we have no clarity on the cause of the breakup so we can only speculate. One thing we’re certain about is Mikael called it quits and the band refused to either replace him or continue. Could it be they refused to pay him as part owner if he wasn’t going to remain a member on the frontline? Did Mikael want to pursue other endeavor while still getting paid his share? And why wasn’t that even an option? We may never get an answer to these questions.


The real losers in this situation are the the current musicians and countless loyal fans from all over the world that wasn’t considered in this decision making and how abruptly the decision came about.



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