Will the dis-band of CaRiMi make room for a new top band in the HMI?

hqdefaultLike the city they dominated for the past 15 years; the Haitian music industry doesn’t wait for anyone and a lot can happen in a New York minute. Our hearts haven’t even stopped pounding from the shock and already everybody’s asking “Who got Next”?


For 15 years CaRiMi held both the title of, best Konpa band in the NYC market and the title of one of the most elite bands in the Haitian music industry simultaneously. Some have speculated that CaRiMi set the bar so high in the NYC market, making it hard for any local NYC band to match up and at time they even refused to play with local NYC bands. That may sound cruel but in any structured business; you have to protect your bottom-line. It’s that business mentality that the band had that kept them around for so long in an industry where bands come a dime a dozen and never see longevity let alone success.


Most up and coming bands in the industry sounds identical, CaRiMi brought something different to the table when they made their debut and never got stuck in their ways or a musical rut. They always found a way to reinvent themselves with each album they released and took a lot of risks. CaRiMi covered their entire basis and operated as a real business entity. they explored every avenue and tapped into different industries which not only gave them international recognition, it also helped prolong their career. Even as they make their exit… they made it out on top.


With all that being said; CaRiMi left some pretty big shoes to fill and are there any bands in the New York City market right now willing and able to fill them?

Do they have the necessary music business savvy?

Are they willing to put in the work and see it through?

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6 thoughts on “Will the dis-band of CaRiMi make room for a new top band in the HMI?

  1. Vous savez, le mensonge et la tromperie sont 2 choses a être difficilement pardonner. viv an ipokrizi ak yon moun se gro koze… Je ne dis pas qu’ils ont bien fait de réagir de la sorte mais mezanmi yo k gen rezon yo,ils savent qu’ils étaient plus que des amis mais des frères, après 15ans de performance, nous n’aurions jamais pu deviner que ca allait se terminer ainsi. C’est un coup dur mais hélas nous ne pouvons rien y faire qu’accepter cette séparation et leur souhaiter le meilleur. Ce groupe restera a tt jamais gravé dans mon coeur et rien ne sera plus comme avant.

  2. disons que c’est injuste….de nous habituer a quelques choses et au final de vouloir tout changer.. .c’est egoïste de briser l’union entre trois amis ou freres….c’est injuste que le peuple haitien doit payer les consequences de ce malheureux incident!!! CaRiMi c’etait plus qu’un groupe….c’etait l’image d’Haiti dans le globe.

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