Compas Festival to expand Find out how…

Apparently, the organizers of the Haitian Compas festival is still trying to find a way to fix the problem that they face every year; not all the bands getting a chance to play. Of course the real problem is not due to time restriction, it’s due to them having too many bands in the lineup. Another reason is festival attendees showing up really late which would indicate that they’re coming for a certain band and most like that band is considered one of the usual suspects meaning the five top bands that are always in every single festival lineup.


We did take notice during this year’s festival, they played around with the lineup a little due loss of time brought on by the rain. They cut  few performers from the line up and Kreyol La and Carimi played earlier than usual which didn’t sit too well with Carimi’s frontman, Mikael. During their performance he stated they usually play at a later time but this year they had them on really early and he didn’t mind. We beg to differ since the mere mention says otherwise.


Don’t get us wrong, in the past the festival organisers have tried to eliminate the problem. In 2009 they had two stages side by side to cut down on the downtime during the festival where one band after completing its set has to unplug an order for the next performing band to plugs in. Needless to say the two stage wasn’t much of a resolution since it actually created more of a problem and during the middle of the festival they eliminated the use of one of the stages completely. We still don’t kow what happened there.


According to one of our trusted sources, the festival organizers might be turning it into a two-day Festival. We’re not sure if this is in the works for next year or for their 20th year anniversary but we do know they are strongly considering this. We don’t know yet if it’s going to be a Friday Saturday or Saturday Sunday. We will keep you posted on any updates.

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