Barikad Crew: Remembering the Fallen Soldiers

It was eight years ago today, in the early morning hours, the news started to circulate that three members and a couple of friends of the popular Haiti based Rap Kreyol group, Barikad Crew had gotten into a car accident and there were fatalities. The accident occurred on the Route de L’aéroport while the group was on their way to perform for one of their biggest supporter; Radio Caraibe FM who was celebrating its 59th anniversary. As the day matured, more information came in from several media outlets out of Haiti, they all confirmed the news, identified the victims and the cause of the accident.


The victims: Jean Walker Sénatus, aka Papa K-Tafalk, Johnny Emmanuel, aka DADE, Junior Badio aka Déja Voo, the group’s drummer Wilderson Maglorie aka Ti-Baté and a friend of the group who was driving the doomed vehicle, Guichard Labranche. All five victims were electrocuted and burnt beyond recognition, when a high tension electrical wire struck their car after hitting what is thought to be a divider. A couple of days later Papa Katafal’s fiancée, Nathalia Léonida Bertrand who was said to have been pregnant at the time, committed suicide with a single gun shot wound to the head.

Nathalia Léonida Bertrand

Barikad Crew burst onto the Haitian Hip Hop/ Rap Kreyol scene back in 2002 after a group of friend; Bricks, Brital, DADE, Deja-Voo, Fantom, Izolan, Kondagana, Marco, Master Sun, Papa K-tafalk and Young Cliff, (the baby of the group) decided to collaborate and showcase their talent and abilities. Soon after they started to see the potential they had as a unit they decided to take it more seriously so they formed what is today the most popular and certainly one of the hottest Rap Kreyol groups to date.


According to some of their fans, the name Barikad Crew was chosen because of all of the barricades (obstacles) that were placed in front of them as individual MCs. Barikad Crew has helped elevate the fading Haitian Hip Hop/Rap Kreyol genre and has gotten it international attention.


In the end of 2007 the group released their debut album titled “Goumen pou sa’w Kwe” (Fight for what you believe in). With tracks like Stand Up, Jwi Lavi, Sakrifis O yeah, Se Konsa Lye, the title track and the mega radio hit Banm Afè’m , BC proved to the critics that popular music in Haiti didn’t necessarily have to come from established Konpa bands and that there is room for other genres to be successful in Haiti. By Carnival time the following year, they released a monster meringue called “Ti Fi pile, Ti Gason Pyafe” and a superb video to suit; proving once more that they are not to be taken lightly.


Barikad funeralsOn June 15, 2008 the unthinkable happened; sending the country and the music industry as a whole into mourning. The government later gave the victims a national funeral and between 60,000 to 100,000 individuals descended on the city to pay their respects. The support clearly highlighted the popularity of the group. Many artists recorded songs in a show of solidarity and support for the BC family. For the remaining members, the outpour of support gave them the strength to go on and continue with the work they were set out to do.



They later signed with Wyclef Jean’s Sak Pase records and went to work. The outcome: their second album titled Jisko Bou which was released in late 2008 and immediately sold thousand and thousand of units in Haiti alone. The CD contains songs like Ayiti pi Red, Jiskobou, Mete’l and Selebre. Though in their hearts they miss their fallen comrades, BC hasn’t skipped a beat and they continue to wow their fans and critics alike. In February 2009, they not only released the hottest carnival for the year but they also made their long awaited debut in the US’s big Apple at SOBs Night Club in Manhattan.


Tragedy strikes over and over again

hqdefaultTragedy struck again less than two years after the fatal accident took place, another member, Young Cliff, died in January 2010 in Haiti at his manager’s house during the Earthquake that also claimed the life of his manager’s wife and hundreds of thousands of Haitian on the island.



c4f1a830e76985076e0f6a7067004bafOn 17 February 2015, rapper Fantom was hit by a high-voltage power cord during the carnival defile causing panic in the crowd below which led to a stampede. 16 people died and more than 70 were injured.



Many have expressed that if it wasn’t for the fatal accident that took the lives of the three members, BC would not be enjoying the level of success they are right now. What ever the case maybe, BC and with all the tragedy they’ve endured; BC still carrying the legacy.


It’s been eight years today since the first BC tragedy, but the fallen members have to be proud of their band mates’ accomplishments so far and they must also be proud of the inspiration and courage they brought to not only their band but the whole Rap Kreyol movement they were fighting for as a whole. They’ve since worked with some of the hottest producers and artists in the American music industry and some of the members have also found time to pursue their own solo careers releasing singles, albums and participating on compilations CDs.

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