Now that the dust has finally settled on the new album released by the popular Haitian band, KLASS it’s time to evaluate whether or not the hype surrounding the release and the release itself was merited. The two singles put out prior to the album’s official release were enough to entice my curiosity which led me to not only buy the album but to also review it and its entirety. I honestly thought they were going to go the same route as the first album which Richie made it seem they were at their press conference that took place down in Florida. Before I summarize the album as a whole; here’s a breakdown of the songs.


Fel ak Tout Ke’w

SUBJECT – To simply sum this song up; Fel Ak Tout Ke is the band’s testimonial as to how they’ve achieved the level of success they currently enjoying at the moment.  It’s a song to answer all of the critics and nonbelievers who are still baffled as to how this tornado called Klass came along and swept the industry into one whirlwind and made groupies out of all of us.

MUSIC: The track starts with an intro that samples the 1963 hit song Hello Muddah, Hello Fuddah, by Allan Sherman. This song is very heavy on the Konpa. Oh and the answer to how they’re so successful is simple; it’s their time.

HIT POTENTIAL: I don’t know if this song itself will be a hit but I do know the song title will surely be inducted in the Compas Direct long list of slogans.


Map Marye

SUBJECT: Let’s be honest here; this song has been sung over and over again but what made this time around different? They kept the subject but approached it from a new angle. Not every day you hear a Haitian man stand up to his mother and even goes as far as challenging her respectfully of course. This song actually won me over because the message is so strong. A lot of relationships end prematurely simply because of family and or friends interference. Any man who stands up to his mother respectfully while protesting his love for me is a winner in my book and so in this song! LADIES, NAP KONTINYE KITE PIPO PALE AVE YO POU NOU… NON?

MUSIC: I can see Richie inspired the text of this song (wink) and Pipo delivered vocally, as always. Some songs need the extra keyboard and guitar long and redundant solos all throughout the song because of the weak subject matter but what I liked about this song was the fact that the message was delivered first and remained its focus. I’m a lyrics/subject first then musical arrangement after type of person and this song pleased me a lot.

HIT POTENTIAL: It’s no “Fe’l Vini Avan” but I digress.  Out of a possible 10 I give this song a solid 9 and keep in mind I’m a tough critic.



SUBJECT- This tune is about girlfriend’s betrayal, a subject no man ever has the right to sing about. Nine out of ten times these guys be the same ones entertaining the next girl and don’t bring it to their girl’s attention until they get caught. Ladies, the only one who’s goung to LOL at you in this situation is the one you don’t cut loose when you catch them both. Now to the song…lol

MUSIC- Well put together I mean all the ingredients to have a bunch of girls getting played in a circle dancing. Well played, KLASS! The song is laced with enough groove to have you thinking he’s actually innocent.

HIT POTENTIAL – It depends on the amount of ladies that’s going to believe it. All jokes aside i wouldn’t take this song too seriously, it’s just a dance-able tune to have fun to.


I’m Sorry

SUBJECT- This song is what I would call the album sleeper. A lot of people might sleep on this one but the subject matter is really deep and very real in both the older generation and in modern day… ABORTION. It’s always easy for parents and even the child father to say abort a child not knowing the psychological and physical damages it could do to a woman. I’m very proud of Richie and KLASS for this song.

MUSIC- They mellowed the heavy Compas a bit for this tune to make sure the message was well delivered. Although the light drum and guitar didn’t make the redundant keyboard bearable.

HIT POTENTIAL – Like I’ve said before, it’s the album sleeper. Hopefully not although it’s a sensitive subject it should be explored!


Ranje Chita’w

SUBJECT: Remember what I said about the first song? OK! Allow me to think out loud; I DON’T CARE FOR THIS SONG MUCH. You mad? Then ranje chita ou pou mwen esplike ou. I don’t need to hear another Nemours Jean Baptiste inspired song or another song biggin’ up all of the already established bands. I would have been more impressed had they addressed the new generation of the up and coming musicians that they’ve influenced so they can pass the torch. You can sing about Nemours Jean Baptiste and already established bands all you want but the message gets lost when your message is to save the music and keeping it alive.

MUSIC: This song is very catchy, with good arrangements. At first I thought they hired a different guitarist until I heard Pozo’s trademark guitar licks (I’m a guitar girl). This song’s potential is endless in the live spectrum. Allo, Jean Max Valcourt, I heard you. (wink) This song is old as heck but the modern twist makes it new all over again.

HIT POTENTIAL: Out of a possible 10 I give this song an 8. I don’t judge on personal preferences but I can see this song being a big hit among the bottle-poppers in the club like JAY BROOKLYN, YANVALOO BRAD NAU and so on. Also keep in mind they can always improvise on the lyrics in a live setting. I love the catchy phrase Ranje Chita’w but brace yourselves… you’re about to hear it for another year or so.

Let’s Make it Work

SUBJECT- While a lot of women are made to believe in society that they’re the ones that are usually the insure ones in relationships; the fact of the matter is men tends to be just as insecure as women, they just fake it better. Sometimes in the process of faking it so well, it’s when the relationship start to deteriorate they start to realize it’s time to fix it. This song should be reminders to the guys out there letting all the good ones go to entertain the trap houses. (Not only Pipo got your backs ladies)

MUSIC- I’ve noticed the album placement is pretty good. One heavy hitter then a mellow tune follows. This one is one of the mellow tunes. No extraordinary arrangements in this one but very dance-able and easy to listen to.

HIT POTENTIAL – It can go either way…


Anmwe Sekou

SUBJECT- Another socially conscience song. The only new thing introduced in this subject is we need new leaders. Where are the new Toussaint, Dessalines…?

MUSIC- I could swear I’ve heard the same arrangements before on another song I just can’t place it. But I don’t think it was about the musical arrangements it was about the subject.

HIT POTENTIAL – Will Haiti ever come out of the slum it’s in? Well that’s when this song will meet its purpose.


Se ou Sel Mwen Genyen

SUBJECT- Another love song by Pipo declaring his love and loyalty to the love of his life.

MUSIC- I’m usually a sucker for love songs and Pipo singing love songs… this one didn’t reach me. Hopefully that will change after I get a dose of it in the live setting but for now… nothing.



An Pilik

SUBJECT- I love how KLASS keeps blaming women for not wanting to be loyal or settling down on this album. Richie’s girl on this tune isn’t claiming him. (LOL)

MUSIC- I like this one. The rapper didn’t sound lame like most on Compas tracks sound like. This tune is young and vibrant.



IL Est Friday 

SUBJECT- his topic is self-explanatory.

MUSIC- KLASS mean business with this song. In my earlier review of the two new singles, one of the observations of made was the fact that KLASS was on top of the HMI charts for a while now and why haven’t they tried to expand to other markets? This tune is one step in the right direction. This song is very commercial.

HIT POTENTIAL – it’s got my vote.


Lajan Sere 

SUBJECT- I’m not sure of the subject but i know it’s a forbidden type of love. He sounds like something from “50 Shades of Gray.”

MUSIC- I was about to ride this song off as another love song but it totally stuck on me and I found myself playing it over and over again. Ladies, this song is those drop the pannies but please proceed with caution. It is sexy as the F word being whispered in bed in a seductive tone.

HIT POTENTIAL – it got my vote. They call it Lajan Sere; I call it hidden Gem of the album.


FOOTNOTE: After listening to this album several times I can’t say I like this one better than the last one or vice versa. Both of them have their own qualities. This album is has better subject matters and the first one had better son lari a. Thank goodness I don’t have to choose. Overall I give this album a SOLID 8 out of a possible 10. I told you guys I was a tough critic and I would be doing my audience a disservice if I wasn’t truthful. I do know the rating may change in the live spectrum but for the studio, this is my final assessment.

I have a few questions; 1- when will Richie write a book about his life? I’d be the first one to order a back copy. 2- What the heck is NOU PA LAYI NOU PA LAYAH?


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