Haitian Compas Festival returns to Bayfront Park in Downtown, Miami for its 18th Edition.

Miami, FL May 22, 2016 – Haitian Compas Festival returns to Bayfront Park in Downtown, Miami for its 18th Edition. Miami was on fire this weekend as the city played host to a large number of Haitians who frolicked towards the city to celebrate the Haitian Flag at the biggest Haitian outdoor event in the US, Compas Festival.


The festival was advertised as “rain or shine it’s… going down” and it did. With a long passing thunderstorm threatening to shut down the festivities, some turned away, a few showed up later than usually and those attendees that made it before the storm bared the weather. Mother Nature finally let up around 7pm but not before causing thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment damage.


The festival was originally advertised with the following acts; Michel Martelly, T-Vice, Klass, Carimi, Djakout # 1, Kreyol La, Harmonik, Disip, Nu Look, Steph Lecor and Michael Brun.


All of the acts got to perform with the exception of Disip and Nu Look. It was understandable with the recent passing of Gazzman’s mother this was expected. Nu Look on the other hand was at the park and according to the band they weren’t allowed to play because they were late. On the other hand there were a few people that did perform that wasn’t in the lineup but till got to play, including T-Micky.


CaRiMi did a good job by creating a medley of a few of their hit songs and inviting a couple of the guest artists who partook in their recent album like Izolan and Mika Ben. The crowd reaction was strong and even Michael who didn’t seem too happy about the time slot they were given but did acknowledge that the fans enjoyed themselves. Score 8/10

After being missing in action for the past 5 years in the festival; Harmonik really needed this and they took full advantage of every second. A side from the fact that the band played well, Mac D charmed the ladies with his six packs, and they even did a tribute to the late Black Alex. (Watch the video because seeing is it better than me describing it) Score 9/10

T-Micky’s surprise appearance was well received by the attendees, especially the ladies. T-Micky proved he’s actually better than his dad when it comes to the ladies. He even brought a female fan on the stage to jam with him during his quick performance which appeared to be a warm up for his dad. Score 7/10


The moment everyone was waiting for; the former president of Haiti and the self-proclaimed president of Compas Direct, Sweet Micky took to the stage and went on to give a good performance. After greeting the audience he went on lecturing them about the only way Haiti will change is for us Haitians to change within ourselves. I doubted anyone really understood the cryptic message but once he started performing the confusion stopped, proving this man still have his strong following.


He started his set basically letting all the other Compas Direct heads know that while he was busy occupying the presidential seat in Haiti, they weren’t during anything with the music, therefore he was called to return and save Compas. His performance went on for almost 30 minutes (you can see the full clip below) filled with some of his lukewarm classics and wrapping it up with the very controversial carnival he released this year. I pretty much enjoyed his performance no joke but at the rate he’s going for these days, I didn’t enjoy it that much. Besides, why did he have Jojo Lorquet, Roro Nelson, and Mick Alvin on the stage as backup dancers? His son had better looking backup dancers. Score 8/10


Steph Lecor came and did her thing and she got a decent crowd reaction with the little bit of time she had to perform. Score 7/10


T-Vice came back with the helicopter and once again proved i that they’re not the ones forcing it on the public, the public actually demands it. I have to give Vice La credit because they were the only ones who performed with lights. I understanding there were a few glitches which I addressed earlier on but one thing I’ve noticed about to Vice La; they’re always in control of their lighting I major event.


We really didn’t get to see much of the other bands which is unfortunate due to Opa team’s miscommunication but there are third parties who are willing to share their content with us so stay tuned for those visuals. One thing though; no one has disputed are rating for Harmonik. It is safe to say, Harmonik is the Champ of #HCF2016


Special thanks to Rony en Action for the support. You didn’t have to but you did.

FOOT NOTE: The sound wasn’t good at all unless you had a little phone but we broadcast on Cable Television, radio and the internet as well so apologize to our viewers because this was beyond our control.

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