BREAKING NEWS: Compas Festival The behind-the-scenes


ARLY & NU LOOK: You may have already heard that King Arly and his band Nu Look didn’t get to play due to their tardiness. Well according to a very reliable source who’s very close to the band; the lateness was actually planned. Arly didn’t really have anything planned this year for the festival and with Micky in town he figured the media would have a field day if he came to the festival and his performance wasn’t really up to par. Arly’s not worried about the decision not to play at the festival because he’s more focus on the impact his new album release will have in the industry. His album is completed and ready to drop any day now. The delay is due to him not wanting any distractions so he’s waiting for the Disip and Micky momentum to die down a bit first so the media and his fans can keep their focus on him. On Arly’s part that was a good PR move of course poorly executed by his new manager (blank look while peeing in my pants… sue me lol) hopefully the festival organizers feels the same.



PRE-LABOR FEST IN NEGOTIATIONS: New York Labor Festival organizers were seen scrambling backstage with posters and banners in hand to hang up and to do some extra promo however that wasn’t really the purpose of this trip. Apparently the organizers wanted to meet with Sweet Micky to see how they can negotiate having him at the Labor Day Festival that takes place in New York on Labor Day weekend. Like Opa reported a couple of months ago; The organizers were interested but a face to face didn’t happened until this past weekend. From what we’ve gathered the meeting went well because they might have reached an agreement. This would be Sweet Micky’s fourth appearance if no other negotiations are in the works before this event takes place. We will keep you posted on the latest developments on that.


roroshabbaRORO & SHABBA KISS AND MAKE UP: While on stage Roro and Shabba addressed the recent issue that transpired between them when each of them gave interviews basically blasting the other. In recent months Shabba who we all know loves Djakout #1 to death and at times can be a bit over zealous when it come to the band, has been having issues with his band mates such as credit, sponsors, solos etc. During the festival they both took to the stage and  told the crowd there’s no more bad blood between them. Right after, Shabba went on to throw a profanity laced attack on Roberto Martino.



Dear Compas bands, YOU are responsible for your show. Compas Festival already provided you the biggest stage the industry has to offer, if not for them do it for your fans.  Hire someone to produce a show for you. Heck… don’t hire an event designer or producer, just make use of the stage lighting they already provide at least, just do something!  REMEMBER… YOUR LAST SHOW IS WHAT PEOPLE WILL JUDGE ON YOU ON. Some of you hit the stage as if to give Compas Fest a give “FU” as far as production is concerned.

Dear Compas Fest Attendees, respect yourselves! Some of you act like a bunch of crazy people. Duplicating tickets, jumping gates, acting like fools, i can go on.

Last but not least…

Dear Compas Festival, after 18 years, Compas Festival has to do better. I feel like the last time I attended the festival which was 2008, you guys did much better.  I did take into consideration that the sound wasn’t up to par due to the weather condition but how did you guys not manage to secure your gates? I caught wind from the officials that were there and a few other people who witnessed the breach of security that took place. Apparently, a couple of thousands of people jumped a gate and got in for free and unchecked. A lot of real media people who supported the event all year round never got a press badge while a lot of people who are not even press were chilling backstage as press. The ticket booth wasn’t opened as scheduled… I can go on and on but one thing I must credit you guys overall, you lost a lot of money therefore I understand MAYBE it was beyond your control. God willing if i’m alive, next year, please do better.



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