Showing Affection to Your Kids

Okay, so you’re not the biggest fan of hugs and kisses, but you know your kids need affection. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered with great tips and ideas for showing affection to your kids.

Be unique. Physical affection doesn’t just have to be a hug or kiss. Yes, those are both important, but you can also get creative and find new ways to show your affection. Create a special, secret handshake with your daughter, something only the two of you know. Or, have a “wrestling match” with your sons on the living room floor!

Be affectionate in good times and bad. When your family is facing a difficult time, or when your child is having a bad day, that’s when he/she needs your affection the most. Don’t limit yourself to praising good achievements and offering hugs in the good times. Chances are, being affectionate to your kids will provide you comfort on a bad day, too.

Praise your kids, not just their achievements. It is essential that your children know that you value who they are, not just what they do. Praise them and show affection when they are not expecting it, and for no reason other than that you value and love them.

Don’t shy away. When puberty hits, you may feel apprehensive about showing affection, especially to your teenage daughter. But, now your kids need your affection and affirmation more than ever!

Whether it’s a secret handshake with your daughter, a wrestling match with your sons, or just a quick rumple of your child’s hair, your kids need and crave your affection.  Make sure you show your kids affection, and make it a habitual thing.

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