Heart-to-Heart With Brutus of Zenglen (No Questions Went Unanswered)

OpaMusic.com was able to get in contact with Brutus of the band, Zenglen this week for an interview. It was supposed to be an interview regarding the new video they’re about to release and an update on how the band is doing… but in the midst of it all, we ended up having a heart-to-heart conversation with him instead.  We had quite a few very crucial questions to ask Brutus on the current state of the band but there were some stones left un-turned from some past decisions and a lot of questions that the public have yet to get any answers to. In this interview Brutus answers all 21 questions we had and elaborated as well.


Some of the questions Brutus was asked;

How many musicians passed through Zenglen and can you tell me about some of the ones who went on to do great things in their careers?


A lot of people have said you are the doing and undoing of Zenglen, how do you respond to that?

Kenny had left Zenglen because he learned that you changed the band’s ownership unbeknownst to him. He even provided proof. What were you thinking when you made that decision?

Why did Richie leave?

Who are the current owners of Zenglen?

Do you regret any of them?

What’s Clemay’s current status?

Do you feel you’re losing your public? How do you plan on getting them back?

Let’s talk about the new album. What’s your favorite song on the new album?

How is the new album doing?

Are you satisfied with the results?

Have you heard the two new singles from Richie?

Where do you see Zenglen in 6 months?

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