KLASS’ New Album Release More Anticipated Than the Next Government of Haiti!

Without a doubt, KLASS is the band currently reigning the Haitian Music Industry’s “best band” realm. With less than 5 years under their belt, KLASS simply took the industry in a chock-hold and refuses to let go.  If their two last singles says anything remotely of what’s to come on their upcoming album; every other band waiting in line to solidify that number one slot may want to start CALLING “HOUSTON” CAUSE THERE’S A PROBLEM AND IT’S CALLED KLASS. The last time the industry saw something like this… it was a band name CaRiMi.


Don’t get it twisted though; KLASS have some of the most seasoned musicians the industry has to offer with close to 100 years’ worth of experience between them. With that much experience and knowledge, there’s no way they could have failed and not to mention the extra media boost. Seems like Richie is the maestro orchestrating all of this. (marketing wise) This article is really about the two new singles i promise but heck I have a few points to make first!


With all of KLASS’ success, why haven’t they focused or even marketed themselves to a larger audience? If you have an ear for music you might have noticed KLASS thus far, has maintained the essentials of Compas Direct while adding a modern twist. Tabou Combo have used the same concept only as they grew so did their audience. FOOD FOR THOUGHT.



Map Marye

SUBJECT: Let’s be honest here; this song has been sung over and over again but what made this time around different? They kept the subject but approached it from a new angle. Not every day you hear a Haitian man stand up to his mother and even goes as far as challenging her respectfully of course. This song actually won me over because the message is so strong. A lot of relationships end prematurely simply because of family and or friends interference. Any man who stands up to his mother respectfully while protesting his love for me is a winner in my book and so in this song! LADIES, NAP KONTINYE KITE PIPO PALE AVE YO POU NOU? NON?


MUSIC: I can see Richie inspired the text of this song (wink) and Pipo delivered vocally, as always. Some songs need the extra keyboard and guitar long and redundant solos all throughout the song because of the weak subject matter but what I liked about this song was the fact that the message was delivered first and remained its focus. I’m a lyrics/subject first then musical arrangement after type of person and this song pleased me a lot.


HIT POTENTIAL: Out of a possible 10 I give this song a solid 9 and keep in mind I’m a tough critic.


FINAL ASSESSMENT: It’s no “Fe’l Vini Avan” but I digress.

Ranje Chita’w

SUBJECT: Remember what I said about the first song? OK! Allow me to think out loud; I DON’T CARE FOR THIS SONG MUCH. You mad? Then ranje chita ou pou mwen esplike ou. I don’t need to hear another Nemours Jean Baptiste inspired song or another song bigging up all of the already established bands. I would have been more impressed had they addressed the new generation of the up and coming musicians that they’ve influenced so they can pass the torch. You can sing about Nemours Jean Baptiste and already established bands all you want but the message gets lost when your message is to save the music and keeping it alive.


MUSIC: This song is very catchy, with good arrangements. At first I thought they hired a different guitarist until I heard Pozo’s trademark guitar licks (I’m a guitar girl). This song’s potential is endless in the live spectrum. Allo, Jean Max Valcourt, I heard you. (wink) This song is old as heck but the modern twist makes it new all over again.


HIT POTENTIAL: Out of a possible 10 I give this song an 8. I don’t judge on personal preferences but I can see this song being a big hit among the bottle-poppers in the club like JAY BROOKLYN, YANVALOO BRAD NAU and so on. Also keep in mind they can always improvise on the lyrics in a live setting.


FINAL ASSESSMENT: the typical save our music awareness/ voye monte tune. I love the catchy phrase Ranje Chita’w but brace yourselves… you’re about to hear it for another year or so.


FOOTNOTE: For all of the people asking how and why? Learn this from KLASS; NO ONE ARTIST/BAND, PR, and MARKETING AGENT CAN PULL OFF WHAT KLASS IS DOING AT THE MOMENT… IT’S A COLLABORATIVE EFFORT AND THE MAIN INGREDIENT IS NONE OTHER THAN “TALENT.” The secret is simple… talent, experience, money, internet goons and real fans.

The Realist PR EVER cause the others can’t afford to tell you the truth.

Cheyna Pierre

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