Tempo Currently Working on Their Comeback.

OpaMusic.com got confirmation that the band Tempo is currently working on their comeback. Tempo who was formed in the late ’00 by a few friends; Williere Antoine, Roberto Pierre Paul, and Moise Herard (Jacomo)

The band had all the right ingredients of a very promising band in the Haitian Music Industry until they went their separate ways due to some internal issues. After the earthquake back in 2010, Roberto decided to move to Haiti and asked his fellow band-mates to join him and they refused.

OpaMusic spoke with the band’s manager Robinson Joseph aka Boogie Productions who indeed confirmed the return of the band for us.


Although he confirmed the band’s return he did not provide us with names of the returning members or new members if any. Left to our own devices; we decided to do some digging. We did find out that Moise and Williere will be returning, James C formerly of the band BackUp is one of the people they were looking at as their lead singer and they’re looking to add another singer… a female. We saw a video of her singing, she has no prior experience in the business but she’s really good. Roberto who’s one of the founding members and is currently in the band Bel Pelzi is not coming back as of today but who knows for the future…

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