The Battle of “Who Released the Best Poster This Week?”

Yesterday three major bands in the Haitian music industry; Mass Konpa, KLASS, and diSip simultaneously, released the poster to their upcoming albums. Minutes after the posters were published, online fans of each band took to social media to express their like or dislike for the posters. I took a look too; a good look at all three posters and I too made a decision as to which one I like personally and why. Before i tell you which poster i picked… allow me to give you a breakdown on how i came to my final decision.


BREAKDOWN of each poster;


8c72c024-f7bb-4884-8614-453438971db3Gracia Delva of Mass Konpa kept his poster simple by sporting double denim (Jean jacket and a pair of pants to match) black t-shirt, a gold chain, pair of sun glasses and his trademark smile to boost. Double denim just made a comeback in the fashion world, a simple choice but a good and safe one.







3487e3f4-8ecf-4839-934b-ec4920dbb62e 72162ee3-afbe-4061-a1b7-467cdb90e03dGazzman is always the creative one especially when it comes to photo shoots and based on social media, his poster is the favorite as far as concept and graphics are concerned. I totally agree with the concept part although i hope this album is not going to be as depressing as the poster but wait! Did they say graphics too? You mean to tell me dropping him in front of a Gothic church gate without properly blending the two different photos so the resolutions match is not really necessary? Luckily for diSip, nowadays most of the people who are frequenting the internet are doing so on their mobile phones so some of the details may not show. I’m not aware of who the graphic designer is but can tell the idea was there just poorly executed.


KLASS on the other hand opted for a bolder look.


From left to right:

be1d8674-ef65-43bb-9e46-55fbd702bfa3Richie went for a… half leather and half fabric car racer jumpsuit. We’ve noticed how Richie’s style in photo shoots in the past has reflected different styles of sports. He’s worn car racer, and polo player gear. We don’t know what it’s about but we’re not complaining at all.


A1bd30cfe-8a66-4b3f-ac4d-81f05c6e52b7bdel is wearing a Versace inspired jumpsuit. We’re only saying Versace inspired because we took the time to go over some of the Versace patterns out today and we weren’t able to find that specific one however it’s probably due to it not being in season but we just wanted to make that clear that it is a Versace pattern. We’re cool with however the outfit needs to be retired. It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s the same outfit; we’ve seen it too much.

31cfdc92-db3e-439a-8d20-ac29d983a91eCheveux is wearing a skinny jean/pants, a avant-garde turtle-neck style shirt, and a biker’s leather jacket. A style a lot of men over 40 will never understand but in the fashion world (Paris, NYC and LA) we get it. The only thing we don’t get about his outfit is the writing “YOUR THE 1” you mean to tell me no one picked that up?


1El Pozo is wearing booty choker Jeans and a jacket to boost. There’s no denying KLASS is an A-TEAM but Pozo is taking it too far with his Mr. T inspired looks.

Pipo’s outfit looks laundry day inspired and by laundry day inspired I mean; you know when it’s laundry day and just when you thought you had absolutely nothing to wear, you find the last clean set of cool looking clothing in your closet and you’re so happy, you grab it and put it on… only difference is… you’re not Pipo and Pipo had a photo shoot to do that day. Pipo, I do appreciate it’s clean.


b1993211-a2ee-4b21-ab22-e4bc1c8943edNixon why is he wearing a female denim jacket with rhinestones on it? That jacket is a female denim biker cut jacket. And I’m also guessing Nixon and Cheveux have the same size feet.




1dc514e7-5848-4009-bfd7-c51164d9d026Bel Kod looks really good in this photo shoot although we’re not into wearing a vest and t-shirt together but we’ll let him pass; he does live in Florida. We will not give him a pass for that FOX TAIL though and I don’t care what celebrities are doing it.

Soso is also wearing an avant-garde style shirt and we approve.

I didn’t forget JP it’s just there was really nothing to complain or write home about.


The average fan, loves to see celebrities dress up. We also like to critique them only because it gives us a sense of belonging. A lot of us have no idea about different types of fabrics, patterns, cuts, materials etc making us no fashion experts, only our sense of taste to guide us when making fashion decisions. We tend not to look in the HMI for fashion tips because let’s be honest I doubt it most of celebrities even put their own costumes on outside of a stage. With that being said; I chose KLASS’ poster because in case you didn’t notice it’s the most talked about compared to all of the other posters.  It kept the conversation going. I applaud them for it and if that’s what they were trying to accomplish then they did successfully.


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