UPDATED: Former President Martelly to all Promoters: Si ti ko ou pa bon… JETE’w!

UPDATED: OpaMusisc.com confirmed the former president will be at Cafe Iguana in May and Konpa in Vegas. Source team Big O

So last week I spilled some tea about the sudden demand for the former president of Haiti, Michel Martelly’s presence at any and all upcoming major events and some not so major but you can’t stop them from trying; well after the tea was spilled some people were very surprised that I even knew what was going on and others just decided to scramble and start making moves toward securing their own dates with the former president.

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A couple of people already released their flyers announcing the former president at their upcoming events. Sounds good… right? Well, BUZZ and OpaMusic.com has learned that there are NO officially signed contracts and as of late, all contracts are in negotiations and some of them won’t even happen. So my advice to you, if both camps didn’t confirm then it’s most likely not going to happen.


Rumor has it even Compas Festival who we are finding out was interest at one point; no longer cares because the asking price is ridiculous. You’ve heard… the biggest Haitian festival is having a hard time securing their contract with the former president. Olivier Martelly his son as previously reported by Opa is the one handling all negotiations and he’s keeping all of his (dad’s) options open and at this very moment; the bidding is at $55,000 the starting bid was at $50,000 and it may go up to 70,000 depending on the demand.


 Some sound advice to all of those in the bid; be careful on how much you decide to let your ego make you spend because our former president is currently rich compared to some of us and filthy rich to most so make sure you’re not doing anything to satisfy your egos. If I was a former president, I wouldn’t charge people of my nation (ESPECIALLY if I intended to run again) a dime to see me perform… I’d look at it as an investment. Don’t get it twisted though because if I had no plans to run again I’d charge you your kids’ college tuition.


For the consumers: choose wisely.

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