How the HMI Got its Name? Meet the Blogger That Started it All, Tony Montana.

How the HMI Got its Name? Meet Dr. Stefan Kenel-Pierre aka Tony Montana.

For those who weren’t around during the earlier days of the internet, especially the Haitian entertainment side of the internet and those that were; this interview will certainly give you a little more knowledge or nostalgia. Back in the early 2000s when the Internet was super slow and you couldn’t be online and on the phone simultaneously. Back then there were a lot of website administrators and members on the Internet that set some trends that are still practiced today. One of these trendsetters is none other than Tony Montana, a blogger (before the word even exist) Tony was a member of the popular website Kompa Magazine which at had a circulation and a web forum at the time. Tony use to write for the magazine and had a strong presence on the site. On one of Tony Montana’s article he made a new reference to the music business which at the time was referred to as the Haitian Music Scene… this reference is still used today. Click on the audio to listen to the conversation we had with Tony Montana.


Stay tuned for part two of this interview coming up next week.

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