Festival in Negotiations With Former President Martelly?

After I reported a couple weeks ago that I predicted former president Martelly was going to be at Compas Festival; i’ve come to learn there are a couple of other festivals and a group of promoters that are actually trying their hardest to include Martelly in their upcoming events. A festival in New York is looking to book him for two dates during the festival weekend and the others we aren’t so sure about. Since the demand keeps going up I’m also learning so is the former president’s price. I did a little investigation as to who’s going to be a part of his band, seems he doesn’t even know yet. But one thing for sure Big O is the one handling most if not all the negotiations.

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47 thoughts on “Festival in Negotiations With Former President Martelly?

  1. Je nou poko klè toujou nap di matelly this matelly that toujou nou pa we c opozisyon ki anpeche peyi a van c yo fe gwoup yo pou yo bloke peyi yo t di c matelly ki pa bn ‘men kounya ensekurite a vale teren sou matelly li pat knsa nn

  2. Li finn kraze peyi a lap moke nou ,Opon nap di mèsi ki lage yon paket fo elu nan palman,pou yo finn depatcha peyi a ,fo depute, fo senatè,yap lite la pou yo ban nou yon fo prezidan.

  3. Nan transfè selman mately rantre demi milion dola américain pajou epi lifè,kisal fèla, Obama gen rezon lidi lap fè sendomeng okipe nou an vre nou sort anpil anpil,vagabon an piye peyi a , epi wap vinn di lifè kisal fè a…

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