Sweet Micky WILL be at the Haitian Compas Festival 2016 (psychic)

When you’ve been a part of the Haitian music industry for so long, you tend to see things coming. You learn how to read headlines and how to decipher a few thing.

A few weeks about, Opa reported that Micky would be performing in Florida during the Compas Festival weekend at Café Iguana. Café Iguana is good and all but wouldn’t Compas Festival be a bigger platform for a former Haitian president to make a musical comeback? Sweet Micky is no dummy and we’re almost certain he knows the weight of Compas Festival. Compas Festival on the other hand knows Micky’s weight too. I’m betting money these two are in secret negotiations to have Micky there and a press release is in production. (psychic :-P)


With that being said; we have a few questions:


Will the public love or hate the idea?


Will it make a difference in the turnout?


With Micky being there will other bands be slashed from the lineup to make up the time?


How’s security going to be and will the media be able to have access to the former president?

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