Throw Back: School Days

This week’s episode of Throw Back is dedicated to all the people who went to public or private school in the U.S. Remember those annoying alarm clocks called parents who use to wake you up for school during the peak of your REM. The long wait for the running water to get warm so you can jump in the shower and if you had a lot of siblings, the last one in might have to wait for the pipes to go fetch more warm water.


You probably ate breakfast at home or one of the rare ones who made it to school breakfast. If you took the bus you knew exactly when to be at the stop because that’s what determined how early or late you were going to be. Making it to first period probably depended on what class you had, what time it started and who was in it/ No matter who you were in high school, you probably still had a better experience than the high school graduates of 2015. Here are a few pictures to take you down memory lane.

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