Keeping Up with Tifane.

It’s been a long time since we’ve heard from singer/song writer, Tifane so decided to reach out to her and find out what she’s been up to. We were able to get a hold of her and although she was on mommy duty, she till took the time out to speak with us about a few things such as her career, her family, and why did she go on hiatus?

Tifane on where has she been and what made her go on hiatus?

How many kids do you have right now, what are their names and do you plan on having more?


Are you working on any new materials and what should we expect?

Do you have a time-frame for the release?

Do you think the changes in the market will have any affect on you since its changed last you’ve been here?

What format are you coming back with? Are you going to use a live band, go acoustic or playback?

Since you’ve departed from the industry; a lot of new up and coming female artists that came after you have adopted your Afrocentric style and owned it… are you afraid you might just blend in and how are you planning on standing out?

Are there any new sounds you’re going to implement to your upcoming  album that differs from what we’re use to?

You’ve said you were in the process of putting together a management team; i’m guessing since you have a family now you don’t want to be taking on too much however do you think you’ll be able to juggle everything on your plate especially the international travels. Taking into consideration you now have a family;  can take you on the challenge?

Are there any well known producers that you’re working with?

On behalf of, thank you Tifane for chatting with us.

About Tifane

tifane pic i

Tifane was born on January 18 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. She is the Oldest of three children. Since childhood she always had a thing for dancing, painting and singing. At the age of five, she started with dancing lessons. During high school, she participated in all cultural activities. Tifane left for the United States (Chicago) where she studied Sociology. Four years later, papers in hand, she returns to her homeland, and her first love, singing. Soon after her arrival in the country in 2004, sets up her band, write her lyrics, composes her melodies and takes singing lessons. She quickly shows to be very talented: she sings, she dances.

Her first single “Se Kom si” of 2005, remained a hit song or a long period of time and is indicative of her talent to the public. December 16, 2006, she signed her first album, “Anprent” another success which has opened the doors for her. Anprent is marked by a variety of rhythms.

Since then,Tifane has received numerous awards including: Revelation of the year 2005, the Ticket Gold Award 2006 by Musique en Folie, Best Female Artist in New York in April 2007, the Honor and Merit Award in March 2007 for her contribution to the realization of project “Cultural Discovery” of World Vision Haiti. August 2007, in Serbia, at the 24th International Nisville Jazz Festival, she received the title of Best female voicalist, also Best Singer of 2007 by Promo Culture, and in 2008 she receives the “Best video” Award and “Ticket Nemours” Award for her song “Bel Moun”. Tifane was invited to three special editions of the concert Chants des Sirenes in Martinique, produced by the famous Zouk singer, Eric Virgal. In February 2008 Volunteer for Development of Haiti (VDH), the Juvenile Female Leadership Award for using her talents to bring Peace among Youths. In 2009 she was appointed Ambassador in Haiti for the Disabled by the Secretary of State for Persons with Disabilities. In October 2012, she received a certificate Honor and Merit and the “I Am an art” Award by the Haitian American Network Inc in Orlando. With “KALM” a program that Tifane created for of sensitization and mobilization of youth against violence, she totally invested in social mouvements.

Aside from her various concerts throughout Haiti, she participates in many prestigious international festivals and works with the greats of Haitian music such as eline Michel, Fabrice Rouzier, Boukman Eksperians, and some from other countries like Monique Seka, Eric Virgal and Maria de Barros. Tifane rocked the Ste Catherine streeet at the 20th international festival “Les Francofolies de Montreal.” (Ref Article Yves Bernard Tifane “Coherence in diversity “of Le With her will and the courage to succeed, Tifane continues with the same force and moves towards greater achievements.

Her last album “Sous la Peau”, (Under the skin) launched in July 2012, confirmes that she is an artist who makes hits with lyrics that move people. Songs likes Ayiti Ap Chante, Vin Montre m, Regle Zafè w, Souke Sa express positivity and are appreciated by fans all over the world and of all ages. Tifane took some time to enjoy motherhood and prepare even better hits.

Charming, talented, she takes over the stage and sings with her soul. Haiti has a precious stone, a woman, role model who is the pride of her family and her conutry wherever she goes, her name is Tifane


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