Dear Haitian Movie Industry

Dear Haitian Movie Industry,  I just started watching Haitian movies and over the course of 1 year and about 54 movies in; I’ve really tried to find a movie that I can actually say was worthy of me watching and to my dismay I haven’t found the hit. A couple came close, but no bite. So I’ve come up with a list of suggestions that just might improve your productions.


  1. Please get qualified actors and actresses for your roles. I’m sure it’s cheaper to get your friends to play the roles, but having someone sound like they’re reading lines is a total turn off.


  1. Producers you don’t have to act in every movie you produce, especially the ones that always play themselves.


  1. Not all Haitians speak to themselves. Usually the ones that do; do not answer themselves. You guys portray Haitians as a bunch of schizophrenics. I can only assume you do it to let us know what is happening or about to happen in a scene but do rest assured, we’re not that dumb so please don’t do us that favor.


  1. The shameless advertisement throughout the entire movie is so tacky. I don’t need to be reminded every 5 minutes who your sponsors are. The CD stores, the restaurants, or you tax services. There’s something called “product placements.” when you’re placing a product/advertising into a scene; make sure it matches the scene. For example… if you’re pushing a tax agency then have the actors doing their taxes within that scene.


  1. The long Pointless Scenes: Why must each scene be so long and redundant? If the scene was long, but provided new information I’d give it a pass, but the scene is usually longer because the lines are repetitive. You don’t have to repeat the lines over and over again; we get it! I have to question whether or not you guys think your audience is intellectually capable of comprehending your “story lines” that you have to reduce it to elementary.


  1. Details and Locations: Some of us movie buffs actually pay attention to details. You of all people should do the same. I’ve watched a movie once and one laptop a very distinct laptop at that was used by 5 people in 4 different states and 2 countries. In another movie they featured 4 different houses in the exact same bedroom set. Not every date takes place in a night club. Some people actually go to the movies, concerts, plays, sporting events. Find better locations and stop using the typical spots.


  1. The young man acting like an old man in comedies is getting really old and played out. Believe or not there are a lot of talented young comedians out there so I strongly suggest holding casting events that way you don’t have to use the same ones over and over again.


  1. Last but not least, the music in the movies. I will not even mention the illegal ones; however, can they at least match the scene? Instead of the long dragging scenes explaining the scene, try adding some music that matches the scene since most symphonies are in the public domain you can use those. I can go on and on but let’s take baby steps. Part two coming in a few more movies watched…


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