Today in History: Actress Ginoue Mondesir beaten to death by  Fiancé.

REPORTED ON OPA BACK On December 27th 2005:

Well known Haitian actress, Ginoue Mondesir was beaten to death on December 24, 2005. The alleged murderer is said to be her boyfriend, Waldo Jean. Ginoue was beaten to death with a metal object to the head as the couple was coming from the beach. The alleged murder took place after the two got into an argument. He then dumped her body by the side of the road where some people passing by saw the actress laying in her own pool of blood. The National Police were then called unfortunately, Ms. Mondesir did not make it. Ginoue is a well know personality for the TV Network, Telemax and has also starred in several Haitian movies. She is also a mother of a young son which she had with former Original Rap Staff member Posse X. There were no details given by the national police as to why she was murdered.



Ginou and Valdo at Movie Premiere.

In an interview with the mother she describe how she packed their bags the day of the murder. She said after packing their bags, they left at 4:00 am in the morning and the next news she got was that of her daughters murder.

The young boy which Ms. Mondesir left behind was also interviewed and he said his mother had promised if he got good grades by the end of the school year she would take him on vacation to the US. He talked about how his mother always told him to go to school because education is the best thing for a young man to have. When reporters asked him if he understood the concept of dying, he said yes because when his grandfather died he never saw him again and now he knows he will never see his mother again. Ginoue was 28 years old. Condolence to the Mondesir family.



According to other family members, the guy was abusive towards her in the past. She had plans to leave him and confided in her son’s father. According to reporters, Valdo Jean, the alleged murderer stated he don’t remember killing her but that didn’t help him in the prison where he was taken. He was beaten by fellow inmates to the point he had to be rushed to the hospital. A lot of people have taken to the streets in demonstration for his head. Even the police doubt he will make it in jail at this point.

Meanwhile, a lot of stores have seen an increase in sale of any movie she was featured in.

UPDATE: Almost three years after murdering Ginou Mondesir,a jury in a Haiti criminal court found Valdo Jean guilty and sentenced him to life in prison for the murder of Ginoue Monedsir on August 1, 2008.

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