5 Reasons Why Your Band May Not be Getting Booked?

5- Network and venture out of your comfort zone. You don’t have to play at the industry’s common venues all the time. You can venture out to local bars and lounges that way you meet new people and different opportunities. Find multicultural events happening in your town and out of town and sign up for them.

4- Who’s your audience? If you don’t know them then how do you know you’re reaching them? If you are promoting your band religiously and you’re still playing for tables and chairs maybe you need reevaluate your strategy.

3- All I need is Facebook. You think you don’t have to pay websites that caters to your target audience because they’re all on Facebook? Errrooorrr!!! Here are the facts; while Facebook is going down in popularity overall, it still has a growing number of Haitian members.

Why you need an entertainment website that caters to your audience? It’s a way of keeping in touch with them. They’re not going to check your website or your Facebook every day but most likely they will check the entertainment websites. What you may want to do is make sure part of the promotional agreement you make with the website(s) includes the website keeping its viewers a loop on your band activities and occasionally you can give an update yourself.

2- You’re broke. In the Haitian Music Industry we are not fortunate to have an established record label which is currently taking talents and investing in them therefore you have to invest in yourself to get noticed. You have to have everything done professionally. Remember “your image is everything” How you present yourself is how they will see you so make your presentation epic.

1- You Suck! Seriously that is the number one reason you might not be getting booked. Maybe music is just not your thing however if you are determined (like most of you are then take a few music classes and just to learn and perfect your craft.)

Giving credit where it’s due.
For many years we’ve always complained about the lack of consistency when it comes to the Haitian Music Industry’s album and video releases. But one band whose archive stands out is none other than Gabel. Gabel made its grand première in the Haitian Music Industry back in January 2007 and to date the band has managed to accumulate 4 studio albums, 2 live album and 12 music videos, something most well established bands have yet to accomplish. Although Gabel have a long way to go to dominate the industry but their work ethics most certainly place them in the right lane.

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