Thowback: Cleona Pierre Formerly of the All Female Group D’sire.

Remember D’sire3’s founder and singer, Cleona Pierre? Cleo started D’sire and later the all female group became D’sire3 after member Sedy left. Cleo and D’sire made a little buzz at the time but it wasn’t until she joined the band Hangout did she really start making news.

Cleo made breaking news after months  of media speculation that she was pregnant and even more so who she was pregnant for. She kept  silence until finally admitting that she was indeed pregnant and for fellow musician, Jean Richard aka Richie then of band Zenglen, currently the founder and maestro of the band Klass?

Well their gorgeous baby is all grown up now and apparently aside from the good genes she also inherited some talent. Acording to her mom’s FB page; she’s currently doing print modeling.

Her mother on the other hand went back to school after her departure from the Haitian Music Industry and she’s currently an HR Director for several companies (for some of you it’s Human Resources) and she also freelance as an accountant. Wait! Does that mean there’s life after the HMI?

As for the rest of the group, Nathalie Armand who goes by Natico is doing very well for herself with a strong presence in the industry. During Dsire’s days Nathalie was also an aspiring model and today she’s taking her career more seriously.

Porsha went back to school and is currently a chiropractor.

Klo released an album since departing from the group and have done a few shows here and there.

Sedy’s whereabouts is unknown.

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