Introducing: “Vogge” a new Haitian duo based in Miami, Florida.

Vogge is a new Haitian duo based in Miami, Florida. The duo is composed of maestro Djheff Ostinato and Steph Ocho. Djheff, a fashion photographer and producer, and Steph, an entrepreneur, understood the importance of creating a name for their group that would turn them into a household name. Djheff’s background and popularity based on his talents in graphic design and fashion inspired him to turn the word “vogue” into the band’s name “VOGGE.” Their aim was to create, and maintain, a trendy and widely accepted brand.


Djheff and Steph met in 2006 while playing basketball at their local YMCA. It was not until September 2013 that they decided to combine their talents and form a band. The early stages were difficult, but the duo knew their talents would bring them a great deal of success. Djheff’s rare talents and skills in photography, videography, graphic design, production, singing, and songwriting matched with Steph’s abilities also as a songwriter rapper, and his entrepreneurial spirit, made it easy for the band to acquire everything they needed to create great music.


Vogge’s musical style sets itself apart from what is commonly found in the Haitian music industry (HMI). Vogge’s music borrows elements from kizomba, hip-hop, and sounds from around the world to create unique music. It has been one year since Vogge was established, and in that time they have released two videos and are preparing to release their debut EP entitled, “V POU VOGGE.” The debut album is set to be released during the year of 2015 which will be announced in the months to come.


Aside from their music, the duo has developed its own brand of hookah sticks known as “VOOKAH.” They are also have an app on apple and android by the name of “VOGGE” that allows them to connect to and engage with their fans. Believing that hard work and dedication is the key to success, Vogge plans to release quality music, videos and products on a consistent basis, and at a level yet to be seen in the HMI.



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