Throw back: Juicy Lucy.

Remember the Tabou Combo 80s hit song Juicy Lucy? Have you ever wondered who or what is a Juicy Lucy? Or was the term a metaphor for something else?

OPAMUSIC.COM decided to crack the code on this mystery by reaching out to the band. Before we reached out to the band, we tried taking a shot at it by coming up with some scenarios.

Scenario #1. In the urban dictionary Juicy Lucy is a very beautiful woman who so happens to be very loose who performs sexual favors for random men.

Scenario #2. Back in the 80s Crack cocaine in the United States especially in New York City was epidemic. While a lot of people were sprung out on many different drugs but the preferred port of entry into one’s system was  needle injections or a Crack pipes. Some drug addicts got their daily hit through loose cigarettes laced with Crack/Cocaine. How does that relate to Juicy Lucy? Back then and to these days the streets refers to single cigarettes as LOOSES and when laced with Crack/Cocaine it becomes a Juicy looses explaining the term Juicy Lucy.

After much research we reached out to a former member of Tabou Combo to get down to this mystery and we found out Lucy was indeed a real person and her name might have been Lucienda and Lucy for short. She was the significant other of band member Jean Claude Jean. So no it wasn’t a metaphor for for something else.

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