Q&A With Sanders Solon of Harmonik

Since the year 2015 is almost over, describe the type of year it’s been for Harmonik?

2015 was a successful year for Harmonik though we’ve seen some rough days throughout. We’re here thanks to God!


rbheXhzHrCWr4SuJmbyU0-SK6wixikjB33PNvSlkavZQrRUpXe6DFKAd0Sg2GMcf3ZUR3SjRk4QUcwRbBZvLq90Iq-_ZMIwlJNqsu6s4bO0F1kR3dMUjedqC16uBUu85This year you guys celebrated your 7th year anniversary; can you please sum up the past 7 years for us with the good the bad and the ugly?

For the past 7 years we’ve lived a lot of great days together and we’ve seen a lot of bad ones as well but the fact remains that we did them together and till today this team is as united as it gets. Through these experiences we’ve learned well how to live together, eat together and work together.


During the past 7 years which album had the most success?

In my opinion of course, the last album has the most success because it is an album that we put together as a team with our means from beginning to end compared to previous albums where we were backed up by big dogs in the community and we had sponsors. There are more impactful songs on that last album than there are on any of the previous ones.


Screen-Shot-2015-02-26-at-3.34.17-PMYou guys released the video to the song “Illegal” which was well received in the states but I was told it was blocked in Haiti because of its sexual nature. Do you think the block was just?

I don’t think the block was just because there was no nudity, no strong language or content it was just a little spicy that’s all and although it was blocked on certain television station in Haiti, it was very well received by fans all over the world from social media platforms to other television channels. It’s actually one of our biggest hits over-passing “Mwen Bouke”



If you had to undo a decision you guys made in the past 7 years what would it be?

In fact there is a decision that I would love to undo but I’ll keep it to myself other than that every single experience was worth it either we won or we learned.


Why are you not in Compas Festival next year and does it bother you?

Like you said Compas Festival is next year so we are still in 2015 so let’s wait and see what happens. But does it bother me that we’ve been absent the past years? Yes it bothers me because we as a group want to represent our culture as much as the other groups are doing it whenever we can. When such a big event takes place, we take pride in representing our country, our culture by doing what we do best!


How’s the relationship between the band and Rodney Noel these days?

The band has a decent relationship with Rodney particularly me.


I’ve asked you about the current status of the band’s relationship with some former business partners now the most important one… how’s the relationships between the band owners and giggers?

The band is in great shape relationship wise among us.


PicsArt_11-05-11.11.54During the month of September the same month the band celebrated its 7th year anniversary there were a lot of rumors circulating alleging Nick was leaving the band to go join diSip and most recently to go to Zenglen and as of today the rumors still have yet to be proven… do you guys know the source of the rumors and why are these rumors continuously being spread?

Rumors are rumors since they’re the easiest thing to create. People with no inspiration make it their job apparently but like you said they have yet to be proven true and we also believe that silence is golden in certain situations so we’re working and we’ll let our work speak for us.


If Harmonik was to disband tomorrow would you have something to fall back on?

If Harmonik were to disband tomorrow, I have a bachelors in Audio Engineering and a minor in Music Business and Creativity. I own a recording studio and have some investments on the side as well so I think I should be good until I figure out another plan musically.


It’s well documented that you’re the one handling the band’s booking and management, is it as easy as you thought it would be?

I never thought it was going to be easy because although I wasn’t a manager before I was always involved administratively since day one. I was always Rodney’s right hand man from the get go so I learned a lot from him and I also associate myself with other experienced personalities in the community and I get a lot of advice from them but let me tell you it’ll never be easy for anyone dealing with a million different attitudes, personalities, issues in this business it’s almost as hard as being the president of a country.


Do you have any intention on hiring a manager/booker in the near future?

We’d be glad to have another member in our team but it’s really not easy finding someone proficient and experienced specially in this market where a lot is done just verbally (the HMI is played by ear) like a lot of our musicians too but yeah we’d be happy to have a helping hand.


What made you decide to take on the role of management?

I so didn’t decide to take on the role it just so happened that I’m the one doing it could’ve been any of us. Sometimes Nicky deals with the people sometimes Mc D does as well but most of the time it’s me.


What’s next for Harmonik in the coming year?

We never stop working. We have a lot in perspective for the coming year just wait and you’ll see. “Never reveal your next move”


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