Shots Fired: Wyclef & Olivier Martelly Release Diss Tracks in Support of their Fave Candidate.


WyclefJeanInternational rap artist, Wyclef Jean, who supported Haiti’s current President, Michel Martelly at the 2010 Haiti election, has jumped ship and is now supporting new presidential candidate Jude Célestin for his 2016 presidential bid. Wyclef also released a song titled “Le a Rive Map, Vote Jude Célestin” on his birthday this past October 17, proclaiming why he’s supporting Jude Célestin.





Olivier-MartellyDays after Wyclef released his single; Olivier Martelly, the son of the current president released his on track titled “Neg Banann lan”, taking jabs at Wyclef and openly supporting his father’s protégé, Jovenel Moses.






A Wyclef supporter jumped in and released his own track calling Olivier out on allege kidnapping, stealing money from the people of Haiti ect. Elections are just days away and there are over 50 candidates for a country of 8,000,000.


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