ESKE KE SE gossips, rumors or innuendos???

Quite a few media personalities, Entertainment News posters, and even legitimate professional journalists from time to time feed into this misconception that in order for one to generate more hits or just make a name for themselves they have to report damaging gossips, rumors or innuendos about artists politicians or a regular public figure. And when that doesn’t work they result to intimidation and strong arming these individuals.

Journalism is not for everyone there is a code of ethics that goes with the craft. A journalist should not be using their medium to sway people’s opinion on a story.  The job of a journalist is not to tell people what to think it’s to present a story and let your readers make their own decisions based on the facts that you’ve provided.

If you know you can’t report a story without being bias due to your own affiliation or conflict with one or both parties involved directly or indirectly  then you should do the honorable thing and stay away from reporting it or have someone else report it without any influence from you.

Everyone who takes responsibility of reporting the news should be responsible to report the news in a non-biased non hateful or manipulative way. With great power comes great responsibility~ Spiderman the movie.

And the reader you have to know how to differentiate the fact from fiction and when you know something isn’t true you do the honorable thing yourself and don’t run with the news and spreading it around because a lot of these people affected by these fiticous stories are your friends, brothers, sisters, aunts uncles ect. Most importantly there are laws against these types of practices.

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