From Rags to Riches The KataRock Story?

Katalog of Gabel just released a new single tilted “My Life My Story.” The song’s release comes days after Katalog was put under social media scrutiny for a photo he posted on his Instagram page after the photo’s authenticity was called into questioning by a social media follower. The side by side comparison of the two photos went viral after fans discovered the origin of the photo. Social media was ruthless and took Katalog through the wringer for his dishonesty. Not to be outdone Katalog seized the opportunity to release his new single in an effort to quickly quiet down his critics and to get some free promo for the song.


The details of the Instagram picture: Katalog posted the picture of a bottle of Ciroc and a can of Dole’s pineapple juice on his Instagram page accompanied by a bunch of hashtag captions. Someone on social media recognized the photo from P-Diddy’s own Instagram page. P-Diddy who most know is the brand ambassador for Ciroc but Katalog’s band Gabel is sponsored by Rhum Banbacourt which raised the question why is he promoting Ciroc for free and not his own sponsor? Instantly the jokes and name calling began. Haitian people from all over social media started a slaughter campaign on Katalog. The mayhem went on for days, and it didn’t stop there. Fanatics even went as far as creating memes of him, and the picture he had posted on his Instagram page. Katalog took all the public scrutiny in stride, instead turning a bad situation into a positive one.


“My Life, My Story.” chronicles the Gabel lead singer’s life from the hardships he had to face since he arrived in the US in 1999 with an illegal immigration status and to his most recent days as a Haitian Music Industry lead vocalist. The song is very touchy, not the typical Katalog hyping up a crowd with the latest slogan style of music. For the first time we get to hear the Gabel lead vocalist getting personal with his fans and audience.


Since the song’s release it received rave reviews from industry insiders and the general public as a whole. No word on if this is a solo project in the making or if the song will be featured on Gabel’s next studio album.

You can check the song and give us some feedback on what do you think about it.

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